Your real estate agent in South-West France: Immo CSC

Buying a house or a property involves a lot of money. That’s why you must be able to trust the people you work with.
Do they really speak your language…?
We do not sell you just a house; we help you to fulfill your dream through new relationships in this beautiful new environnement.

What we do

It has been almost 20 years since we moved from Belgium to France with our children. To build up a family business we didn't just have to be good - we had to aim to be the best. A little bit of knowledge wasn't good enough; we had to know and learn it all. We are now more than happy to share this experience with our clients.

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Why we are successful

You have decided to fulfill one of your dreams and want to buy a house in the south west of France. What do you have to do then?

  • to analyse your housing demands and desires
  • to analyse your budget including all costs
  • finding the right house on the right spot
  • evaluating the value of that house
  • evaluating the structural condition
  • examinate each of the proposed houses on asbestos, lead, termites and electrics a.o.
  • evaluate the consumption and control of gaz central heating system if present
  • evaluating the costs of restoration or refurbishment
  • negotiate with the seller
  • find the right notary
  • settle all the legal affairs
  • check the deed of purchase
  • take care of all the insurance obligations
  • arrange all the connections of water and electrics.

You can do all this if you speak the language, know the rules of the game and if you have the experience needed. To our experience the French and even more the French legal system are different to yours. We know what it means to fulfill a dream.
That is why we are successful.
We can help you because we know the region and because of our 15 years of experience with, searching, evaluating, buying and selling property. 

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